Plumtree Family Health Center 

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Prescriptions Renewals

Please do not call our office for routine refills. You should call the pharmacy first and they can electronically request the refill.  

The request for renewals will be complete within 72 hours after notifying our office. Only call our office if you are requesting a controlled substance.  For your protection we may call prescriptions into the pharmacies or you may request to pick them up in the office.  We will not mail controlled prescriptions. To request a refill of a controlled substance,  please call 410-569-4224 and press 114.  We pre

A few reminders about refills:

1. DO NOT wait until your medications run out to call our office. Mark your calendar to refill your medications at least 14 days before you run out.

2. Inquire from your insurance carrier the maximum number of pills allowed to be dispensed for your particular medications. Then ask your health care provider to write for this amount and any refills if appropriate.

3. If another office prescribed you medications, we request you obtain refills from that office until one of our practitioners has had the opportunity to complete a thorough evaluation of the current treatment.